Yet another new blog

Blog is dead. Yes, my old blog is dead so I create a new one. My old blog was built using drupal. Drupal is good in some respects, but actually it's difficult for maintenance. Wordpress should be the best option at this moment. It is powerful, user friendly and provide tons of plugins and themes. However, as a programmer, I expect that I can take full control of the system. But I didn't use php for a long time.

Octopress is another good choice. It's quick, beautiful, programmer friendly. But it seems not quite extensible.

So, I build my own blogging system using the following recipes:

Other than that, the site also use the following open source libraries and services:

I took a lot of time to glue these things up. I know that many features are missing and the theme are very minimal. It will improve over time and this will be my new playground on web development. Stay tuned.